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„Tato, máš na zádech blato“

("Dad, you have mud on your back")

Group exhibition together with Jindřich Kučera, Shrott gallery, Brno, CZ

We just got back from a trip. I got off my bike and I saw my dad had mud on his back, so I told him: "Dad, you've got mud on your back," and I thought, "That's a good saying“. The mud was really there, that's all I remember.

The back is important. You can lie on your back, it hurts, to let you know you need to rest, someone can massage you to show you they mean well. The back is a big clean area. Watching your own back alone is hard, so it's good to have someone watching your back, just like I watched those dads' backs.


The exhibition „Tato, máš na zádech blato“ ( „Dad, you have mud on your back,“) is a reminder of the heritage, which everybody carries inside, whether they embrace it, resist it, or just ignores it.

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