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The second from the left and the eighth from the top

Prague, CZ

My bachelor installation “The second from the left and the eighth from the top” is part of a longer process. The bedrock of this work is very intuitive and routinely repetitive drawing of people, which was in same time basic principle of my working process. 


"The first thing I saw was my mom’s face, I slept. Right after my mom I saw my dad. Then I still saw some faces, and I dreamt about them in my dreams and think about them in my thoughts. When I read, I imagine them, and when I’m alone I remember them and think about what they all said to me, all the faces."


In drawings of unknown portraits I focused on cultural clash of different cultures and their interactions. I get to the individual form of human being and then to their depersonalized being in video of rolling stone. The body is missing here, but physical energy flows and reminds us that we are part of the whole universe.

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